Selling Your Home
When selling your home, you are required to provide the purchaser with an association disclosure package that includes specific information codified in state law.  Please click here to review specific information about the contents of the package and legal requirements.  
Placing your order is easy and this is a fee based service.  Please click on the link below for additional information.  
Also, please note that any unapproved improvements on your lot will be disclosed in the package.  Please click on Resources > Making Improvements for more information about the application process.  
Unapproved improvements may be subject to monetary charges of $50 for one-time violations (installing an improvement without prior approval) or recurring monetary charges of $10 per day for up to 90 days or pending compliance, whichever is first.
Certificates of Insurance for Piedmont Homeowners Association are often required when refinancing your home and may be obtained here.  Statements of account may be obtained here > Legum & Norman.